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An inquisitive five year old

Russell: How old are you grandad? Grandad: I’m 83 years old. Russell: (After a long pause) Did you start at one? Chris

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Who’d have thought it?

I’m told if I keep active I wont get Alzheimer’s. I wont be an intolerable burden; I’ll keep my dignity right to the end. And I’ve been told it’s down to me I’ve got to do my exercises Healthy food, … Continue reading

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Passing over

Now a frail elderly man The new adventure calls Bereaved family will cry and weep None will know of his release. That pleasure, where, air is pure Parents, siblings await, his coming Loves he knew, in moments past Gather with … Continue reading

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Softly I walked on this good earth.

As a child my insouciance was palpable I crawled everywhere for a while Then I learned to stand and walk Later, ran to school in the rain. As a young man, I worked for others Vicissitude ever changing my thoughts … Continue reading

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I know you’re frightened of my old age I know that you’ve read about memory loss And physical deterioration with inelegant diseases. I know I’m in that category. I’m going that way. And you’re telling me to eat righteously, Take … Continue reading

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Saggy Pants

Like the pants that sag round my ankles of life Whilst the rest of the world crawled on When the symphony of strife cries shame I see, that my time has gone. I was special and once loved life In … Continue reading

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Zimmer Frame

Displaying his balletic agility, and with Perspiration violating his upper lip Jim and his Zimmer are in harmony. Man and machine bonded together. A naturally graceful athlete Jim is Finely tuned in mind and body Ageing, an unnoticed triviality, Eye-catchingly … Continue reading

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Eyelids drooping Dreaming scenes. Old memories Flit and falter. Cartoon spew from the unwatched TV. Others sit in snoozing rows. Homecare disinterested staff Clean in self-full sloth. The lunch gong – so loud… Shatters cloistered thoughts Reminds – Rank Film … Continue reading

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Goodbye Francis

The last words exchanged“Have a nice holiday Frances”.“I will Mike” her voice strongBelying her eighty something years. Accompanied by her sisterThe mini-cab tooting impatiently They were off to the airportThe adventure to be savoured. Memories of the old countryStill thinking … Continue reading

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