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Drug Laws: an echo of fascism

Mao Zedong, North Korea’s Kim dynasty, Hitler and Stalin attempted to control individual choices using the finest 20th Century techniques. Their ferocious efforts led to millions of deaths. They made every attempt to eradicate their enemies, all their enemies! And … Continue reading

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The envelope

Such an innocuous cloak Bearing news eagerly awaited Or, a sachet of lifelong pain. A wrapping guarded by a softly licked tongue your message – ensconced. Do I dare? Surely my heart wants to know without reading what my trembling … Continue reading

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An Eccentric Expired.

About five years ago, the Council contacted me to ask if I knew Bill xxxx (a tenant living on our estate) and that if I did could I urgently contact him as he was thousands of pounds in rent arrears … Continue reading

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The Lethal Letter “S”

Salt kills Smoking kills Speeding kills Stress kills Sugar kills. I think I’ll have a beer. (Chris)

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Sado- Masochism: a joke

Masochist: “Please beat me!” Sadist : “No.” (Chris)

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Lethal Drugs and Lethal Sports

Some drug taking and some lethal sports are illegal in Britain. They are illegal regardless of the rationality of the participants. It appears that the state believes that some activities are so lethal that any participant couldn’t be compos mentis … Continue reading

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An honest decent man.

An aristocrat Found the working class To say what he believed And believed in what he said. Prolific in energy Core Socialism flew the flag Rallies where thousands Heard the word. Hyde Park demo’s Marched shoulder to shoulder Decades at … Continue reading

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