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Does David Cameron Understand British Democracy?

The British electoral system is an incoherent mess. There are, currently, six distinctive ‘systems’ operational in local and national elections*. Additionally the Scottish Referendum reduced the minimum voting age to 16. British democracy has many quirks, not least of which … Continue reading

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Fancy a City Break?

Riyadh on Friday; Jerusalem on Saturday; Belfast on Sunday (Chris)

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laundry ballet

there are dancers on my washing line arms aloft, reaching for gently spiralling snowflakes stiff soviet ranks at dawn, they skip at noon, with a hint of polka mid-afternoon gusts lift a hem here, curl a fold there allegro furioso! … Continue reading

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The Old Curiosity Shop

On attending a seminar at the L.S.E. (London School of Economics) at Lincoln’s Inn Fields (12th February 2015), Jan (my wife) and I got to the venue 30 minutes before we were due to register, so, as you do, we set … Continue reading

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A HR Manager Trashes Kant

“Jim would be an average employee if he had a better manager.” (Chris)

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A Dialect Now Seldom Heard

I dun’t bleedin ‘adam n eve it’ (believe it) Mr ‘truble- n- strife’ (Wife) Recons anuver ‘saucepan lid’s’ on the way (Kid) Always appens when I as a few ‘elephants ears’ (beers) It’s bang ‘Alan Boarder’ (out of order) It … Continue reading

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Voting Rights Act (1965) and Ferguson, Missouri (2013)

Martin Luther King and President Johnson in reality ended the American Civil War with the Voting Rights Act (1965)*. The ‘real’ Civil War ended with the Northern States victorious 100 years previously. However, the embedded conflicts echoing down the next … Continue reading

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Making my world better

Blind people are no more They Have electronic implants And Disabled people are no more They Have engineered limbs and organs So They’re normal (that’s a relief) Smart meters warm my house cosily And My smart fridge knows what I should … Continue reading

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A Nihilist Praises Gambling

A Punter Jim put his entire stake on the first race to get it over and done with straightaway. A Gambler “(He) was a man who gambled simply to gamble and must lose… Show me a gambler and I’ll show … Continue reading

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The Generations

When I was little I thought my Dad knew absolutely everything about everything. He thought nothing of stripping down the starter motor on our old car to replace the carbon brushes – to mending our shoes. He even replaced broken … Continue reading

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