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Big Brother: 2021 Version

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Film Review: One Night In Miami (AmazonPrime) (2020)

On 25th February 1964* Cassius Clay met three friends in a hotel room. He’d just become World Champion and was immediately recognised as an all time ‘Great’. Sam Cooke was a superstar singer and black businessman. Jim Brown was a … Continue reading

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Joe and the Three Legged Chicken

Joe was driving and noticed a chicken keeping pace with him. Just then the chicken accelerated using all three legs. Joe followed the chicken down the lane into a barnyard. ‘Did you see a chicken running really fast?’ he asked … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill’s Political Apprenticeship

As a Cabinet Minister he had three outstanding qualities: he worked hard, he carried his proposals through Cabinet and Parliament, and he carried his department with him.1 Winston Churchill was Britain’s greatest prime minister. He was a mature politician when … Continue reading

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Ethnic Food

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Film Review: The Apartment ~ Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine (1960)

Billy Wilder, the director, cast a satirical eye over the sleaze and corruption of office work in New York. In the hands of another director it could have been very dark. The fundamental misogyny of American life at that time … Continue reading

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Getting a job in an Estate Agency*

When applying for a job as an estate agent, the interviewer worried that my CV was a bit small. I said actually it’s really cosy and I was immediately hired. * Estate agent = real estate in US Alex Kealy … Continue reading

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Michael Gove and the Politics of School Uniform

We will support schools to introduce traditional blazer-and-tie uniforms, prefects and house systems.1 Michael Gove, parliamentary debate, 2010 Background Michael Gove, alumni of Robert Gordon College, Aberdeen, parades traditional values, which he claims to epitomise. He’s a Conservative cabinet minister. … Continue reading

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Nazi SS Doctors and the CIA: post 1945

“They [CIA doctors] did, however, benefit from the guidance of Camp King’s staff doctor, Walter Schreiber, the former surgeon general of the Nazi army, who had overseen research at concentration camps in which prisoners were frozen, injected with hallucinogens, and … Continue reading

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President Kennedy’s Favourite Nazi

The Allies had an amoral attitude towards Nazi scientists. They were an intellectual elite and were helped to leave Germany thereby by-passing the Nuremburg Trials. Many would have been convicted and, some, would have been sentenced to death. They had … Continue reading

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