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A Pleasant Visit

Jan was not over keen to attend an estate coffee morning meeting the other day, so I suggested that I would take her to lunch somewhere. To my pleasant surprise, she readily agreed. By eleven thirty that morning we had … Continue reading

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Softly I walked on this good earth.

As a child my insouciance was palpable I crawled everywhere for a while Then I learned to stand and walk Later, ran to school in the rain. As a young man, I worked for others Vicissitude ever changing my thoughts … Continue reading

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Existential Love

“Marie came that evening and asked if I’d marry her. I said I didn’t mind; if she was keen on it, we’d get married”….Then she remarked that marriage was a serious matter. To which, I replied; “No.”…. Then she asked: … Continue reading

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Biblical Ambiguity and Action

The Bible is an account of religious experiences. It is used as a template for day-to-day life by many people and even in official situations, such as ‘swearing on the Bible’. Jesus mocked overt, ostentatious signs of purity, which he … Continue reading

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In A New Young Lovers Dawn

A world past In weeks and years, They slipped by So ephemeral. How many thoughts What words were whispered? As the dance of life lingered fleeting Soft in the pillow case lace. Did I remember the love The tender smiles … Continue reading

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Assymetry: a joke

Jim had been happily married for 40 years unlike his wife. (Chris)

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Grown up at last.

At aged 9 or 10 years old my best friend was Paul Brewster who lived in the two top floor rooms and the two tiny attic rooms at 57 Gibson Square just 2 doors down from me in 59 Gibson … Continue reading

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A Message From The Grave- Kids

Destiny has no hurry So walk slowly Gently see each mile Smile while you may. Tears will visit Time to time Strife is, after all… Just part of life. True love lasts Steadfast, beyond time Hold each deep Cherish your … Continue reading

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Great Films about Teenagers

Great films are always great regardless of topic. The films I have chosen are about teenagers. I focus on recent- post 2000- films and therefore don’t include All Time Classics like Great Expectations (UK 1946). This is definitely worth a … Continue reading

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Year by year anguish consumes me, Defeating the drift into hazy memory. Corroding my soul, weakening my spirit. You were my future now lost forever. Well- remembered anecdotes echo endlessly. My anguish is coloured scarlet Etched in molten rivers of … Continue reading

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