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Tales from William Tyndale Junior School in the 1950s

Although all three of us boys started off our school days at Thornhill Road School, (Islington)  for some reason Mum moved me to what was then called Sebbon Street School but later the name was changed to William Tyndale School. … Continue reading

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Odeboyz Goes Shopping

13:21 13:21 13:21 It’s 13 minutes and 21 seconds: It’s the Odeboyz weekly shop PB* It’s climbing Everest without oxygen It’s rowing the Atlantic single- handedly It’s stunning. It’s beyond belief. It’s 100% Kosher. It’s a no tweaking, no fine- … Continue reading

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Its not cricket

Its not cricket

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Gambling on the Stock Market

The valuation of shares is based on four criteria. They are (1) historic performance, (2) current management perofrmance, (3) future prospects, and finally peer group opinion. Henry Ford famously said, “History is bunk.” This disposes of (1). Why is this … Continue reading

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The Promised Land: part two

Far, far away from testosterone fuelled Men wielding AK-47s, machetes and driven By religion, poverty, despair England complacently slumbers. Far,far away from the bitter legacy Of God’s divine disasters Hurricane, earthquake, tsunami England complacently charitable. Far, far away from extremists … Continue reading

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