Softly I walked on this good earth.

As a child my insouciance was palpable
I crawled everywhere for a while
Then I learned to stand and walk
Later, ran to school in the rain.

As a young man, I worked for others
Vicissitude ever changing my thoughts
The course of life stumble over itself
Before I could become a man.

In times gone by, when I liked my life
The sun shone and when it didn’t
I did not, always smile in the windy rain
The harvest was gathered in the autumn.

The dusty lanes and verdant fields
Where fruit was ripe for the picking
Quickly turned, with snow on the thatch
Cold bit deep, deep within my bones.

Unable, no unwilling to work now
I await the long rest in peace
Simple pleasures, in listening to music
As the storms rage outside my window.

Soon all that was me, will be no more
That is how life should be
In time, the kids will know of what I say
As then they will have had their turn.

To walk softly on this good earth.




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1 Response to Softly I walked on this good earth.

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Wonderful sentiments, Mike-beautifully expressed

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