The New Older Generation

Being sixty-six and an orphan is
Unsettling in its finality. It says
“You’re the older generation now!”

There is nothing to prepare you-
Inside still a child wanting approval-
Now: The focus for other people’s needs

Grimly determined to hold on to youth
Poised in front of a mirror the lie is revealed
Inexorable age has you in a vice like grip

New pleasures are slow to emerge
So you cling to the old and trusted
The joys of which fade from over use

But I’ve nothing to lose (I’m old) so
Revived with blind confidence I
Fling myself at whatever looks joyful


2 Responses to The New Older Generation

  1. molly says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem which successfully demonstrates an array of feelings about getting older

  2. This is a wonderful web page, might you be thinking about doing an interview regarding just how you engineered it? If so e-mail myself!

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