Zimmer Frame

Displaying his balletic agility, and with
Perspiration violating his upper lip
Jim and his Zimmer are in harmony.
Man and machine bonded together.

A naturally graceful athlete Jim is
Finely tuned in mind and body
Ageing, an unnoticed triviality,
Eye-catchingly elegant he swings across the carpet

The Zimmer offers unheard of opportunities
Gliding into the dining room Jim sees
Resentful glances shouting silently and he
Thinks, “Really they’re applauding.”


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2 Responses to Zimmer Frame

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Brilliant, Chris-still an athletically fine tuned mind.Others will pass judgment on the body.

  2. delsmith444 says:

    Echoes of you climbing over a gate. Best Wishes Del Smith

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