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Cold Calls Welcome

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Book Review: Oliver Bullough ~ Butler to the World: How Britain became the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals (2023)

The ‘City of London’ is short-hand for financial wizardry and is, allegedly, the ‘powerhouse’ of Britain. What the ‘City’ wants the ‘City’ gets in terms of legislation and government assistance. They are free-market warriors until things go sour. Once the … Continue reading

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A Groucho Marx quip

‘She got her good looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon.’

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Should Geriatrics be Imprisoned?

A 91-year-old man [Eric Grant] has been sentenced to ten years in jail for his sexual offences against a young girl almost two decades ago.1 In 1990, a Conservative white paper concluded: “We know that prison ‘is an expensive way … Continue reading

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Cricket Obsessive Meets Reality

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Bob Dylan’s put-down of George Harrison, 1971

George said to Bob [Dylan], ‘Do you think you could sing … “Blowin’ in the Wind”—the audience would just love it’ … and Bob looked at him: ‘You interested in “Blowin’ in the Wind”? … Are you gonna sing “I … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais: Wisdom

The world began to crumble when feelings started over-ruling facts.

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Bertrand Russell on saving money: 1932

One of the commonest things to do with savings is to lend them to some government. In view of the fact that the bulk of the expenditure of most civilized governments consists in payments for past wars and preparation for … Continue reading

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Beware very literal people: They’re dangerous

Fred and Jim were hunting when Jim collapsed. He rolled over gasping for breath with his eyes glazing over. Fred whipped out his phone and called emergency services. He told the triage nurse what had happened. “Jim looks as if … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch (NetFlix) (2018) (Jewish Swiss comedy – subtitles)

This Jewish comedy piles cliché on to cliché, which should ruin the film. It doesn’t. It is a clever well-balanced comedy where the principal characters hang together and form a coherent whole. The storyline is basic Jewish humour. An over-bearing … Continue reading

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