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 The strange story of Beethoven’s grave

A tourist in Vienna came to pay respects to Beethoven’s grave. Suddenly he hears music and realises it’s coming from the grave. Although it sounds strange he recognises it as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: played backwards. Puzzled, he leaves and brings … Continue reading

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Oxford University has a lot to answer for

Theresa May         Train crash Michael Gove        Collaborator Jeremy Hunt         Mine! Sajid Javid              Gate crasher (Exeter Uni.) Boris Johnson       Buffoon Jacob … Continue reading

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Rich man/Poor man

A poor man has riches aplenty, He sleeps without care for wealth While a rich man, set on only ‘he’ May be robbed by stealth. The poor man, dressed in old clothes His boots, of cracked worn leather May walk … Continue reading

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A very helpful son

Harry lived alone in Ireland. His only son was in Long Kesh Prison. He didn’t know anyone who would turn over his potato plot so he wrote to his son asking if he knew anyone who could help.  “For Heavens … Continue reading

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The Martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer, 1556

Thomas Cranmer was Archbishop of Canterbury and the guiding hand behind Henry VIII’s religious Reformation. The Reformation was a process which continued throughout the 1530s and 40s. Edward VI died six years after succeeding Henry. His half sister, Mary, became … Continue reading

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Jazz Club poster in Kyoto

(Did you notice there are no Japanese words on this poster? Just French and English.) Richard M.

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Albert Einstein goes to Heaven

The doorman at the Pearly Gates took Albert to his room. “Your first room mate has an IQ of 180.” “That’s wonderful!” said Albert. “We’ll have fun discussing mathematics.” “And your second room mate has an IQ of 150.” “That’s … Continue reading

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