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How the German denazification policy worked

After the war. Karl Höcker1 was arrested and spent eighteen months in a prisoner of war camp before being released. He returned to his old job with the same bank he’d been employed by before the war. In 1952 he … Continue reading

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The Wehrmacht’s Campaigns of 1939, 1940 and 1941: A Guide

“It is said that God is always on the side of the big battalions.” Voltaire The fast-striking motorized element of the German army in 1941 consisted of only 35 divisions out of 130. Three-quarters of the German army continued to … Continue reading

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Rishi ‘Robin Hood’ Sunak strikes again

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Book Review: Michael Dobbs ~ The Reluctant Hero (2010)

The storyline is preposterous. It depends on a suspension of credulity, which I can’t achieve – not that I tried hard. Astonishingly I finished the book. The only justification for this is that I took it away for Christmas and … Continue reading

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Is Michael Fabricant MP a good role model?

Role Model: a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. Michael Fabricant is Lichfield’s veteran MP. His majority has increased by a hundredfold between 1997 and 2019.1This is despite the fact that he isn’t an indentikit … Continue reading

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That’s My Girl!

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Football Review: England vs France, 10th December 2022

I blame British insularity, and Brexit in particular, when England lose matches they should have won. This match, 2-1 to France, is no exception. The principal English striker, Harry Kane, is a Spurs1, ‘lifer who’s never played in foreign leagues. … Continue reading


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Britain’s Fantasy Economics 1530-2016: a short history

British governments from Henry VIII to David Cameron funded unaffordable aspirations by using other people’s money. This tactic is increasingly difficult to achieve as time passes. British politicians, nonetheless, are addicted to sources of revenue which are unconventional. They believe … Continue reading

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Putin frightens a Drunk

A drunk fell down into a St Petersburg gutter. Looking up he saw a gigantic floodlit poster of Putin towering above him. A policeman on patrol heard him say; Drunk: “I’ll never drink again. I’ll never touch another drop.”Policeman: “Why … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s Masterclass in Political Instability: 2019-22

Boris Johnson is now officially a ‘has-been’. His rejection by Conservatives MPs confirmed this in the October 2022 leadership ‘contest’. A legacy of bad government lives on. Johnson preferred incompetent people who didn’t threaten him. Only five cabinet members lasted … Continue reading

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