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The defeat of cholera

New epidemic diseases are always terrifying.1 Cholera arrived in Britain in 1832 when Britain didn’t have a medical-scientific infrastructure to cope. Favoured explanations for cholera were Miasma, (roughly, ‘bad air’), moral turpitude and God’s anger. Victorian Britain’s rationalists looked for … Continue reading

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Russian police for hire

…in modern Russia it is sometimes difficult even to know if you are working for the gangsters. The assassination of organised-crime boss Vasily Naumov in 1997 came as a particular embarrassment to the St Petersburg police when it emerged that … Continue reading

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Hackney DLO

In 1965 I was employed by the Hackney Direct Labour Organisation (DLO). I enjoyed being one of their plumbers. It wasn’t a prestigious position but aged twenty one I only wanted a steady reliable income. The talk in the building … Continue reading

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Canada: a very civilised country

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Alexey Stakhanov: the most famous coal miner in history

  Stalin introduced a whirlwind of industrialisation in a series of Five Year Plans beginning in 1928. These plans centralised control of every part of industrial production. Every mine had productivity targets which had to be met or exceeded. This … Continue reading

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All Political careers end in tears

The hard right Brexit dogs circle Snapping, snarling beasts To her face, they praise her Behind her back they plot. Once loyalty was avowed Now – The Bastards, Where did it all go wrong? Stay at the crease. Mustn’t let … Continue reading

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Donald Trump asks for advice from Abraham Lincoln

Trump: How can I make Democrats love me? Lincoln: Go to the theatre. Chris

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