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Time might be changing

Some can remember their Father’s Father and their Mother’s Father A few know of older generations from stories and photographs So although we all had relatives, back to the beginning of time The longer back we look, the further is … Continue reading

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American Anti-Semitism in 1936

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An Unforeseen Consequence of the Dissolution of the Monasteries

England was shattered by the dissolution of the Roman Catholic church in the 1530s. One unforeseen consequence was the destruction of provision for the poor. The monasteries had a religious duty towards them. Those who were entirely incapable of surviving … Continue reading

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A Ricky Gervais quip

“My greatest hero is Nelson Mandela. What a man. Incarcerated for 25 years, he was released in 1990 and he hasn’t reoffended. I think he’s going straight, which shows you prison does work.” Chris

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Does Trump’s language incite race hatred?

“The Washington Post has a headline today that makes you go hmmm: ‘Trump Vexed by Branding Crisis: How to Shed the Label of “Racist”.’ I think we all have a pretty good idea of how Trump could avoid being called … Continue reading

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Book Review: Richard Davies ~ Extreme Economies: Survival * Failure * Future – Lessons from the World’s Limits (2019)

Davies book has three parts. Each part is a case study. Davies’s book reflects global fieldwork, which is done brilliantly. Section one: Survival features an eye-catching analysis of Angola prison in Louisiana, USA. American justice(?) is barbaric,…average sentence for an … Continue reading

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Johnson’s mirror on the wall


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