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Painless Warfare: for the rich

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Greek Joke: 2015

Question: What does a Greek civil servant say when he gets his salary? Answer: Danke schön

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For: Wayne Lapierre and his gun loving friends

Wayne Lapierre is the CEO of the NRA, which promotes gun ownership in the USA. This is Lapierre explaining why school teachers should be armed. It was given immediately after a school massacre.

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Black Lives Matter: Miles Davis 1959: New York City

Background Miles Davis was a jazz superstar. In this encounter, with a red neck policeman in New York City, it made no difference. All that mattered was white supremacy and the power of the badge. The officer wasn’t sacked for … Continue reading

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A Good Nazi: Denmark 1943

On September 28, 1943, a high-level Nazi attaché serving in Copenhagen, Denmark wrote these words in his diary as he made the boldest decision of his entire life. Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz had served the Third Reich in its occupation of … Continue reading

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Reasons to vote Conservative

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Texas Abortion Laws

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Anthony Eden’s Mental Map: the Suez Canal Débâcle, 1956

Napoleon commented, “to understand the man you have to know what was happening in the world when he was twenty.1 Background As a young officer, Eden aged 18, led troops in the battle of the Somme, 1916. This vicious battle … Continue reading

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Selected Quotes: Health and Social Care Levy 8th September 2021

Jake Barry (Con) Will my right hon. Friend [Jesse Norman] tell the House how much the 1.25% increase in national insurance will cost the NHS on top of its current payroll? John Redwood (Con) I understand that for a couple … Continue reading

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The benefits of immigrant children in school (USA)

“… the presence of immigrant students has a positive effect on the academic achievement of US-born students, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Moreover, the presence of immigrants does not affect negatively the performance of affluent US-born students, who typically … Continue reading

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