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Zen Existentialism

Sic transit Gloria Here today, gone tomorrow Impermanence now! (Chris)

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How Economists Think: Victor Echevarria*

“…. whilst we don’t expect deflation, we do think inflation will remain in negative territory in the coming months.” *Spanish economist quoted in Wall Street Journal 30th July 2014 (Chris)

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The £50 Adventure: Chapter 3

Training was going on apace and the committee were beginning to understand their roles and how to work together as a team. We knew it wouldn’t be long before we were ready to start appointing staff. We looked at where … Continue reading

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Sound Advice from the Old Testatment

Eat, drink and be merry Ecclesiastes 8:15 and Isaiah 23:13 (Chris)  

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Country Scene

An intermittent gentle breeze Softly tumbles old autumn leaves Down the quiet dark lane Only to twirl and swirl In a timeless stricken dance. The young fox – nose up sniffs the changeling air Intent ears ever alert Searching the … Continue reading

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My Christmas present failures (and a solution to this misery)

Originally posted on By the factory wall:
Billy Bob Thornton enjoying Christmas If Christmas is about anything it is about unrealistic expectations. It is a time when we try to turn something immaterial – love – into something material: presents.…

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Biblical Ambiguity and Action

The Bible is an account of religious experiences. It is used as a template for day-to-day life by many people and even in official situations, such as ‘swearing on the Bible’. Jesus mocked overt, ostentatious signs of purity, which he … Continue reading

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