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Manchester United 2022

In a last ditch attempt to save their season, Man Utd have dug up the pitch to plant potatoes. That way they’ll have something to lift in May.

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Bertrand Russell on power and ethics

We can destroy animals more easily than they can destroy us; that is the only solid basis of our claim to superiority. We value art and science and literature, because these are things in which we excel. But whales might … Continue reading

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Einstein and Rihanna

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God’s Grand Design: a downside

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Garry Kasparov’s phenomenal memory

“I was to be tested by seeing if I could identify each game by looking at the position on the board….. I said, ‘I’m honoured you are interested in understanding the human mind, but I hope you will forgive me … Continue reading

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Sarah the Supply Teacher

Sarah the supply teacher watched the boys having fun kicking a football. She went across to Harry, who was standing by himself, and asked if he was OK. ‘Sure.’ “You can go and play with the other boys.” “It’s best … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zlatan Ibrahimovic ~ I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic (with David Lagercrantz) (Translator Ruth Urbom)

This book is a superior sports autobiography. Zlatan’s ghost writer is an author in his own right, and translator is excellent. They capture the intensity of his life and the voice of an immigrant living in poverty. As a sports … Continue reading

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Blackadder: the First World War

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Three German Generals, 1906-16

During the Great European Peace, 1871-14, German generals were redundant. There hadn’t been a German army on a battlefield since 1871. To compound their misery, German society was militaristic. Kaiser Wilhelm II wore full military uniform on every occasion. He … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker

Acting on an impulse Jim picked up a hitchhiker. They chatted pleasantly enough and then the hitchhiker said, “How do you I’m not a serial killer?” “Oh. I’m pretty sure that you aren’t.” The hitchhiker was surprised at how calm … Continue reading

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