Eyelids drooping
Dreaming scenes.
Old memories
Flit and falter.

Cartoon spew from the unwatched TV.
Others sit in snoozing rows.
Homecare disinterested staff
Clean in self-full sloth.

The lunch gong – so loud…
Shatters cloistered thoughts
Reminds – Rank Film openings
Damn! Damn, why do that?

Trolly clinking – clanking
Annoys the dreamer
Dragged shaken to wakening
The day nurse says, “It’s time to eat”.

What? What did she say?
Oh – where, where am I?
Please, please just let me be
I don’t want to eat.

Spoon fed, chin scraped
Fed like a baby
Mouth filled again and again
Swallow mush till exhausted.

Dream at last descends – Is that the church where we wed
Oh sweet Lord – it’s still the same.

The trolley’s clinking, clanking noise
Falls’ now as sounds no more – for the comfy lifeless dreamer
Is now beyond all further ‘care’.


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