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Harold Hill: created by the Attlee Government

I didn’t start living on Harold Hill until 1980 but lived there for eighteen years. For twelve of those years I was a Labour Party Councillor. So the following narrative is based on what I have been told and my research from … Continue reading

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The Sorites Paradox (problems of vagueness)

Professor John Curtice Would you describe a man with one hair on his head as bald? Yes. Would you describe a man with two hairs on his head as bald? Yes. … However a man with ten thousand hairs on his head … Continue reading

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Italian or Petrarchan Sonnet

(I haven’t tried this genre before) A night that I should have foreseen                                                         A before, orchestrated by an evil malevolent man                                  B intent on … Continue reading

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Pithy sayings of my father

On ‘Directed Labour’ (2nd WW) I’m free to do as I’m told. On Winston Churchill (2nd WW) He’s the enemy of the workingman. On the birth of Prince Charles (1947) Another parasite who’ll live off the backs of the workingman … Continue reading

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The ghosts sunbathed in the midnight sun Waiting for coaches coming to cross the river Styx Preparing their ambush, at the Ferryman Toll Booths, The ghosts would sing, dance and taunt the frightened ones Crossing and never returning. The midnight … Continue reading

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Hannah Arendt* Escapes Nazi Germany

(Hannah and her mother) crossed to Czechoslovakia (then still safe) by a method that sounds almost too fabulous to be true: a sympathetic German family on the border had a house with its front door in Germany and its back … Continue reading

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So Many Don’t Vote.

I wonder what the percentage turn out will be For the upcoming EU vote? This is an important referenda decision How many, won’t use their vote We wait – to see. Through the ages Ordinary folk have, wanted a say … Continue reading

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Harry S Truman: War Criminal

The American bombing of Tokyo (March 1945) and Hiroshima (August 1945) were war crimes (see addendum) promoted by President Truman. Both raids were criminal because the slaughter of civilians was intentional. Civilian deaths occur during bombing raids. They are unavoidable … Continue reading

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Balzac’s Mother

“We believed that she was mad and consulted a physician who had been on friendly terms with her for thirty-three years. But he said: ‘No! She is not mad. She is merely malicious….” Stefan Zweig Balzac pp10-11 (Chris)

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Farming: a wordless poem


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