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The monetary value of biodiversity

Swiss bee colonies, for example, have been shown to ensure “a yearly agricultural production worth about US$ 213 million by providing pollination,” and the value of an improved microclimate from 400,000 trees planted by local authorities in Canberra [Australia] has … Continue reading

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Chicken and Egg

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A Goldfish which enjoyed being dumped in a lake

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Rhododendrons: From Flower to Monster

If you wish to read about the impact of Rhododendrons on the wider environment see Rhododendron- invasive weed vs treasured flower plant | Environment and Green Living (

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An Oasis: a miracle of nature

This photo was taken above an oasis in Libya in the Sahara Desert

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A Praying Mantis vs. A Bird

If you fancy a praying mantis as a pet you might like this site, About the praying mantis | Keeping Insects

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The Burmese Pythons of Florida

There are many examples of invasive species colonising new territories.1 Writing about the UK’s Japanese Knotweed challenge doesn’t have the same buzz as Florida’s Burmese Pythons, though the storyline is the same.2 Japanese Knotweed was brought into the UK as … Continue reading

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