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May in December

Like Chamberlain’s dodgy agreement with Hitler With a weak PM vacillating Skating on a fragile future No clear answer to the Irish question Grasping, at absurd incongruities Knowing the world’s waiting to see her fall. Must come up with a … Continue reading

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How Long is a piece of String?

A question that started In Dar Es Salaam Has puzzled us all Since the world began. The question is asked And left dangling there… No answer is offered, It just isn’t fair. If an answer isn’t wanted. Well that’s just … Continue reading

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The Scream

I screamed again and again It surfed the noise of the city No-one heard or cared Chris  

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Mechanical Winkle

The wiggley bit would normally fit On the thread, by the cog, in the doings, But, to get to the part, is a dexterous art, And first you must really do, two things – Take the silver pin ratchet, and … Continue reading

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The Stone set

Eventually, my name on a cold grave stone Tells that I once walked this way Please, don’t call me back to say goodbye I’m silently, happy to be alone. Regrets, I seldom have, now old The journey was, as if, … Continue reading

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This I Know

It wasn’t ordinary working people Who caused the 80s banking crisis It wasn’t them that caused financial meltdown No! It was greedy bankers Who caused Northern Rock to fall The rich. Many politicians were the root cause Those with mansions … Continue reading

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Leonard Cohen for Nobel Prize 2018

For the full song-poem go to:- Chris

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