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My Balcony

From seven floors up The view is spectacular Just an ordinary day in autumn The nearby trees still in full leaf. Squirrels on their same crazy journey Using branches, as if vertical stepping stones Clearly convinced each leading step As … Continue reading

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A Polemic on Fish

A friend, left me her fish As she moved, up north It’s a big goldfish But I think it’s bored. Back and forth it swims Like “Papillion” in the cell Instead of five paces Wall to wall, the tank is … Continue reading

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Woefully Inadequate

Woefully inadequate. A fool can pretend,to hold wisdom Bamboozle the masses, aping charm Sucker the brainless, he’ll do no harm Relying on clichéd aphorism. A lazy fool,is even worse Refusing advice well given Always judging what’s perverse When his reason … Continue reading

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Brash Machismo

A male politician Poorly served by an absent beautician Strutted his flamboyance Much to every ones annoyance. His behaviour toward others Especially young Mothers Only added more pain To his Marley formed chain. Words truly unbalanced Judiciously ungallant Never his … Continue reading

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Strike the fear, so I may no longer see The apparition stalking me It has no substance, nor sinew strong In this light place, it does not belong. Be gone foul phantom creature Be gone whence the nothing Spawned you … Continue reading

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Not the sharpest pin in the packet

The Tory’s having ditched May Are still fighting a no win war Among themselves, for now But if Boris does, become P.M. The Buffoon, is dangerous It will be the working class In England and Ireland, will suffer The Scots … Continue reading

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Another visit to Fordwich

On holiday in 1951, we went to the beautiful garden of Kent I don’t remember the journey much, but I was so happy we went Through Blackheath, the hired car trundled the road The A2 quaint old scenery, the Oast … Continue reading

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