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Seconds pass in, seemingly pointless, monotony One inexperience, to be followed, by the next Unknowable, inexplicable in its complexity Beyond challenge, reason or justification. There is no appeal to time There are no words that pleading will affect The progress, … Continue reading

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As fragile as a nearly whispered thought Almost composed, but lost, more assumed Like a fragrance mixed into a tornado Singed, unsure of destiny. Doubt, multiplied existentially Not yet the catastrophic tragedy Airy, immature comfortless Ignorance, of the designed effect. … Continue reading

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Soulless But Sentient

In the deepest distant restless oceans Life was cherished, before Adam’s line came Orcas, whales, dolphins, all swam deep At ease with their world of salt sea. Their language – rumbles, clicks whistles Sang the never ending songs. Some young … Continue reading

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Let the poor face their fate- Utopian Dystopia

Is a Tory dream Human misery! Well that we’ve seen. Squalor, oppression Would anyone question Disease, overcrowding The private renting that shrouds The rich getting richer On the backs of the disenfranchised. Those who are subjugated, Crushed, defeated by the … Continue reading

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So Surreal

Just an idle dream, I’m Floating in an empty room No ambition no ultimate goal It’s a nice sensation But lacks something. No one to talk to Without any stimulation How long was I there? Does it matter I really … Continue reading

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Who’d have thought it?

I’m told if I keep active I wont get Alzheimer’s. I wont be an intolerable burden; I’ll keep my dignity right to the end. And I’ve been told it’s down to me I’ve got to do my exercises Healthy food, … Continue reading

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Land of hope and glory

Once upon a time This title might have been true However, sublime the music This current Government Flies in the face of this paradigm. Food banks now feed the desperate Job security; a past closed door Vast fortunes, built by … Continue reading

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