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The Real Theresa May

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A Golfing Joke

Miguel and Wesley were playing golf, but were blocked by a two women. The women were great golfers, but playing very slowly. Finally Wesley decided he had to say something. “I’ll walk ahead and ask them if we can play … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Is/Ought Problem

Introduction In the 18th century David Hume posited the Is/Ought problem. Hume said there’s no connexion between something being the case and an action. That someone is drowning isn’t a reason in itself for attempting a rescue. If a rescue … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson meets Monty Python

Just when everyone thought satire was dead the UK’s morbidly obese Prime Minster decided to lead an anti-obesity campaign. It had taken a near-death Covid-19 experience to convince him that being morbidly obese was unhealthy. A quick learner with an … Continue reading


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Book Review: Ted Lewis ~ GBH (1980)

Until I’d read this book I hadn’t appreciated how tame police procedurals novels are. The maverick Detective Inspector heroically cuts corners. There’s always a common-sense explanation, which everyone except the bureaucratic Assistant Chief Constable accepts. He’s standing in the way … Continue reading

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People are so untrusting

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A cunning sales manager

My sales manager pulled up in a new Tesla Model S and I complimented him on it.  He said, “Well, if you set goals, you’re determined, and you work really hard and put in long hours, I can trade up … Continue reading

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Sir Philip Magnus School: The 1950s weekly games lessons appraised

I’ve written how I truly hated the weekly sports lessons on a previous occasion.* Summer was bad enough, with cricket and its incomprehensible rules. Winter was worse. Every week I waited, for the coach to turn up. Often I stood … Continue reading

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Three Countries: One Story

Apartheid – South Africa Naziism – Germany Segregation – USA

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Book Review: James Hawes ~ My Little Armalite (2008)

I wrongly believed that this would stand in the tradition of Tom Sharpe and so looked forward to slap-stick humour. It isn’t Sharpe it’s a biting satire with lots of black humour. John Goode is a 45 year old university … Continue reading

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