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Joe and Polly the Parrot Exchange Pleasantries

Joe I’m sick and tired of your vile and abusive language Polly. Polly the Parrot Fuck off you fat bastard. Joe That’s it. You’re sorted. (Polly is thrown into the freezer.) Polly the Parrot (Half dead she’s pulled out of … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst of Times

We’d tumble down grass field slopes With friends, in high pitched yells of “Geronimo” Laughs from the belly as Bert boshed the cow-pat His hand to his elbow smattered in cow-poo. That day was just one in that short summer … Continue reading

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Home-schooling: the British educational scandal

Key Thought:- Would you have been happy to have been educated by your parent(s) throughout your childhood? ……………………. Britain has a long-standing compulsory education system which is widely respected. Examinations are uniformly taken at 16+ (GCSE) with a smaller cohort … Continue reading

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A Brazilian mosquito meets a Russian athlete

Ray E.

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Zaltsman on the West Indies Test Cricket Team 2015

Watching their “display” in Hobart (Tasmania), it was possible to conclude that some of the current side would have struggled to get in as spectators in the 1980s, let alone as players. Chris

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Do modern children know the magic?

In my younger days, near every school, there would be a “tuck-shop” usually called the ‘sweet shop’. Most of those shops were decked out in shelving that supported row upon row of big glass jars with large screw top lids. Each … Continue reading

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An ingenious smuggler or an exploited woman?

December 21, 2011, Fiumicino airport (Rome):- … a Spanish model coming from Sao Paulo in Brazil is detained. A search reveals 2.5 kilos of pure cocaine crystals inserted in her artificial breasts and buttocks. Roberto Saviano ZeroZeroZero p366 Chris

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