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The Fatal Flaws in Operation Barbarossa 1941

“With Russia* smashed, Britain’s last hope would be shattered….. If we start in May 1941, we would have five months to finish the job.”** Adolf Hitler 31st July 1940 The German High Command ought to have opposed Hitler’s cherished ambition … Continue reading

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A Removal from Terry Street

On a squeaking cart, they push the usual stuff, A mattress, bed ends, cups, carpets, chairs, Four paperback westerns. Two whistling youths In surplus US Army battle-jackets Remove their sister’s goods. Her husband Follows, carrying on his shoulders the son … Continue reading

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Attlee* reviews Field Marshall Lord Montgomery’s** Autobiography

“Some of the difficulties he gave his colleagues and superiors were due not so much to a profound intellectual disagreement with their views as, I think, to the fact that occasionally he could, and did, behave almost as a child…even … Continue reading

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Compounded Stupidity

About fifteen years ago the Council decided that they would create a structural repairs contract as well as one for external decoration for our three tower blocks which we manage on their behalf. Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to consult with … Continue reading

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A pen portrait of Winston Churchill

The prime minister was undoubtedly born too late. By nature he is an adventurist on an historical scale, strong-willed and resolute, a romantic of British Imperialism and war. Had he lived in previous centuries, he would have been a match … Continue reading

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Not Before Time

A nasty vicious Minister Has chosen the option, to quit Mostly to hurt his former pals In retirement, he will still be a nasty vicious git. The poor should rejoice, his departure The poor were his target and shame As … Continue reading

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Gender reversal in Thriller Writing: an experiment*

The objectification of women is commonplace in British society. Thriller novels do more than that. Many, very many, storylines revolve round predatory men, sadism and vulnerable women. Indeed sadism is so commonplace that it’s startling when passages are re-written with … Continue reading

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