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Bob Dylan on the Beatles

When Paul McCartney played an acetate of “Tomorrow Never Knows” for Bob Dylan, Dylan’s response was “Oh, I get it. You don’t want to be cute anymore.” Chris

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Jay Rayner Reviews Tapas 37

“Personally, I can’t help but fantasise about how much better a day it would have been for all involved, had the fire alarm been real…I wouldn’t wish a fire on anybody’s business. But at least if we’d been evacuated by … Continue reading

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Attlee* reviews Field Marshall Lord Montgomery’s** Autobiography

“Some of the difficulties he gave his colleagues and superiors were due not so much to a profound intellectual disagreement with their views as, I think, to the fact that occasionally he could, and did, behave almost as a child…even … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Chai Wu

“Chai Wu is a stupid restaurant for stupid people. It’s in exactly the right location*. It’ll probably do fabulously.” *Harrods, London. Review by Marina O’Loughlin The Guardian 28th Feb 2015 (Chris)

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