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A Morecambe and Wise Quip

Eric: Have you had a bath Ernie? Ernie: Yes I have. Eric: I didn’t realise it was September already.  

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Things I love: Genius

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Social Class and Test Cricket

“We looked through all the specialist batters that debuted (for England in Tests) since 2011, and we found that 95 per cent of them have been white, 77 per cent of them have come from private schools, only 30 per … Continue reading

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World’s longest lasting tyre fire

Approximately 7 million tires resting in situ at a storage facility in Rhinehart, northern Virginia, caught fire in October of 1983. At the fire’s maximum extent, a black plume of smoke rose 3,000 feet into the air and spread downwind … Continue reading

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George Osborne, The Age of Austerity and Children

Osborne, the chancellor, caused alarm and anger when he talked about the unfairness of a “shift-worker” leaving for work early in the morning who looks up and sees “the closed blinds of their next door neighbour sleeping off a life … Continue reading

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Budgie Humour

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An Italian love affair

Seamus offered a beautiful senorita a drink and charmed her with Irish stories and songs. He went back to her room and they had a passionate affair. One night, she told him she was pregnant. Seamus gave her a large … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter: Segregation in Education

This is George W. McLaurin in 1948 being segregated from the rest of his University class. He was the first African-American to attend the University of Oklahoma. He became a Professor and because of his courage he enabled minority groups … Continue reading

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Jay Rayner reviews an Italian restaurant in London

“The nearest thing to a mellow dish is the cappellacci di zuca, the pasta stuffed with a sweet squash puree and sprinkled with an amaretti crumb so it becomes a plateful hinged between savoury and dessert. Then there are the … Continue reading

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Book Review: John Crace ~ A Farewell To Calm: The new normal survival guide (2021)

John Crace is the Guardian newspapers parliamentary sketch writer and satirist. He’s very witty and this book is a collection of his articles which cover the pandemic and, especially, Boris Johnson. It’s fair to say that Crace despises Johnson. As … Continue reading

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