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J B S Haldane, scientist, organises his very own After Life

“He [Haldane] had left strict instructions about what was to be done with his body. ‘I hope that I have been of some use to my fellow creatures while alive,’ he once wrote, ‘and I see no reason why I … Continue reading

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London and the Great Plague, 1665: Plague Pits

Records state that plague deaths in London and the suburbs crept up over the summer from 2,000 people per week to over 7,000 per week in September. These figures are likely to be a considerable underestimate. Many of the sextons … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Judge (NetFlix)

NetFlix invested in two Triple-A list stars and got a cut-price director and scriptwriter. Robert Duvall plays the Judge. He’s declining into dementia. Piling cliché onto cliché he’s a traditional ‘Good Old Boy’ folk wisdom judge. He hates his lawyer … Continue reading

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Good Advice From A Doctor

Doctor: I’m sorry. I have bad news. You’re likely to die in the next six months. Amanda: Isn’t there anything that can be done? Doctor: Do you know an unmarried accountant? Amanda: Yes. Why? Doctor: Well if you marry him … Continue reading

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The Burmese Pythons of Florida

There are many examples of invasive species colonising new territories.1 Writing about the UK’s Japanese Knotweed challenge doesn’t have the same buzz as Florida’s Burmese Pythons, though the storyline is the same.2 Japanese Knotweed was brought into the UK as … Continue reading

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Ethnic Food

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Nazi SS Doctors and the CIA: post 1945

“They [CIA doctors] did, however, benefit from the guidance of Camp King’s staff doctor, Walter Schreiber, the former surgeon general of the Nazi army, who had overseen research at concentration camps in which prisoners were frozen, injected with hallucinogens, and … Continue reading

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Misplaced kindness

My friend only eats ‘ethical meat’. Animals who’ve lived a happy life. That’s all wrong. Ethical meat eaters should eat unhappy animals. Ismo Leikola, Edinburgh Festival 2015 (slightly altered)

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Thirty Minutes That Changed My Life. Leeds, 1953

As a child I suffered from severe asthma. Leeds, at that time, was a heavily polluted city drenched in soot from factories and domestic coal fires, which was disastrous for people’s health. The result for me was attendance at Junior … Continue reading

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A good reason to go to a good tailor

Joe went to his doctor complaining about terrible headaches. His doctor said, “It’s curable but it requires castration. Your testicles are pressing on your spine, which is causing your headaches.” Joe was shocked and depressed but felt had no choice … Continue reading

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