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The Anatomy Act, 1832: the Criminal Antecedents

Prior to 1832, dissection used corpses direct from the gallows. These corpses were the only legal supply of bodies for medical schools. Dissection of executed murderers was uncontroversial as they’d lost all of their rights. Britain’s ferocious penal code provided … Continue reading

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Essex Police: the Keystone Cops?

“Officers originally thought Palmer had died of natural causes because of keyhole surgery to his chest, but it later emerged he had been shot six times at close range. An inquest in 2016 heard there were failings on the part … Continue reading

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Rationing 1940-1954

I was born in 1944. My first two years I and my two older brothers were evacuated with our mother to a small terraced house in Bolton (Lancashire). We returned to London in 1946. I remember shopping with my Mum … Continue reading

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The case for the legalisation of drugs: the marketplace has spoken

In the recent Global Survey on Drugs, cocaine users around the world reported, that their most recent cocaine order was delivered in less time, on average, than their most recent pizza order. Chris

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Why the poor have bad diets

When we walked through the door at midnight at the end of a shift, we kicked off our boots and collapsed onto our beds with a bag of McDonalds and a can of beer. We did not – and nor … Continue reading

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Bleak Dystopian Future

As time drifts ever onward Memory’s seem to fade faster, each day Short term memory loss, concerning Like a rubbed out black board Where only the odd word is still discernable. The once busy blackboard’s copious notes Instructions to be … Continue reading

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The perils of buying a Google pizza

“Is this Gordon’s Pizza?” “No sir, it’s Google Pizza.” “Sorry. I must have called the wrong number.” “No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza last month.” “OK. I’d like to order a pizza.” “Do you want the usual?” “The usual?” “According … Continue reading

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