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Book Review: Paul Theroux ~ O-Zone (1986)

This book fizzes with ideas based around fear. The wealthy fear the poor and erect buildings which are fortresses inside sealed cities. Travel is by helicopter as ground level movement is hazardous as well as being slow from endless checkpoints. … Continue reading

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Mike’s answer to obesity

Tell all overweight children It’s a special diet for you now If you are hungry, you can eat as much Slug slime as you like. Or if you prefer, crushed beetle legs With worms flesh don’t forget the fleas eggs … Continue reading

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Jack Dee on people with allergies

If I’m pushed, I’d also admit I don’t like people with allergies. They just annoy me. There seems to be something far too self-centred about it. “No thanks, I’m allergic.” Why not just say ‘No thanks’? I wasn’t asking for … Continue reading

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Strategies for surviving the Qatar World Cup in 2022

To survive the summer heat, Qatar not only air-conditions its soccer stadiums, but also the outdoors — in markets, along sidewalks, even at outdoor malls so people can window shop with a cool breeze. “If you turn off air conditioners, … Continue reading

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The benefits of private health care

A lawyer woke up after surgery and asked, “Why are all the blinds drawn?” “There’s a fire across the street, and we didn’t want you to think you’d died.” Chris

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Del’s culinary tips for a healthy heart

Do you ever use vegetable bouillon? A popular make sold by Tesco is Marigold at £2.00 for 150 gms. The ingredients make interesting reading with salt at the top of the list, it forms almost half (44.6%) of the total … Continue reading

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No good deed goes unpunished: Hackney 1968

One of my most horrifying experiences came about when I was called out to a routine job. I was told to replace a cast iron rain water pipe, at Lea View House in the Clapton area of Hackney. I pulled … Continue reading

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