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The Brexit Paradise has arrived

Ray H.

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North Korea, the USA and the balance of terror in 2017

Sovereignty is having ultimate authority over a territory, with the absolute right to govern. Thus, a sovereign state is one that governs itself, independent of any foreign power, with the full authority to make war or peace and to form … Continue reading

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The Wooden Ball

Jim walked into a barbers for a shave and haircut. He said he’d understand if the shave wasn’t clean and smooth because of he had wrinkled cheeks, “Just do your best.” The barber nodded wisely and got a wooden ball … Continue reading

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Film Review ~ Baby Driver (NetFlix) (2017) (Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey)

Baby Driver was double Oscar winner Kevin Spacey’s last film before he became persona non grata. Playing Doc Spacey sleepwalks his way through the role using his characteristic menace, intimidation and sinister quips. He looks bored and, we now know, … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro at the Lincoln Memorial

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Courage explained

Courage is staying in a hotel which isn’t on Trip Advisor.   Chris

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The scourge of loneliness has no age, gender, or particular type. Mostly, it affects the old and single people who for whatever reason find themselves living alone. This malady seems worse at specific occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or … Continue reading

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Book review: David Eggers ~ The Circle

“Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, has warned that Britain could be sleepwalking into an East German-style surveillance society, holding extensive but secret files on all citizens.”* The capabilities of technological surveillance in 2004 were negligible in relation to 2017. The … Continue reading

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May in December

Like Chamberlain’s dodgy agreement with Hitler With a weak PM vacillating Skating on a fragile future No clear answer to the Irish question Grasping, at absurd incongruities Knowing the world’s waiting to see her fall. Must come up with a … Continue reading

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Boats moored on Lake Windermere, October 2017

  John W.

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