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Atheism Explained

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The meaning of money: Buddhism

The dollar bill is only a dollar bill, as opposed to a bookmark, because the United States Treasury so designates it. Buddhist Philosophy (p. 27). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition. Buddhists believe that nothing has any meaning outside a specific … Continue reading

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Britain’s Fantasy Economics 1530-2016: a short history

British governments from Henry VIII to David Cameron funded unaffordable aspirations by using other people’s money. This tactic is increasingly difficult to achieve as time passes. British politicians, nonetheless, are addicted to sources of revenue which are unconventional. They believe … Continue reading

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Bertrand Russell’s humorous anecdote on faith

“I admire especially a certain prophetess who lived beside a lake in northern New York State about the year 1820. She announced to her numerous followers that she possessed the power of walking on water, and that she proposed to … Continue reading

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Institutional sadism at Repton School 1930s

“Michael [Dahl’s friend] was ordered to take down his trousers and kneel on the headmaster’s sofa with the top half of his body hanging over one end of the sofa. The great man then gave him one terrific crack. After … Continue reading

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An Awe-Inspiring Tudor Church: Lavenham, Suffolk

All the people you live among will see the Lord’s work, for what I am doing with you is awe-inspiring. Exodus 34:10 Lavenham church was completed in 1525 immediately before the religious upheavals of the 16th century.1 As a parish … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jussi Alder-Olsen ~ Redemption (2013) (Translator Martin Aitken)

Redemption is the third in the series of Department Q novels which centre on Danish detective Carl Morck and his assistant Assad. So far so trivial. But! This is a scandi-noir novel of the highest quality. It’s brilliantly written with … Continue reading

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The Execution of Charles the First: 30th January, 1649

The axe was raised, it struck and Charles was beheaded. Charles died after being found guilty of a crime, which didn’t exist until Oliver Cromwell and his followers created it. They then appointed themselves as judge and jury adding a … Continue reading

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Not quite the God of Love

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Bertrand Russell on Controversy

“If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do. If someone maintains that two and two are five, or that … Continue reading

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