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A scene from The Peep Show [a British TV show of two dysfunctional men with wildly different lifestyles]

A new boiler. Surely the least enjoyable way to spend a thousand pounds. At least throwing the money out of the window you’d see the scrabbling mass, the hate-filled faces. I have spent a cool grand on acquiring the resumption … Continue reading

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Surveillance made easy: a wordless poem


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Concert Review: The Rolling Stones- 22 May 2018 London

Former rock royalty Liam Gallagher was the backing artist. He had a terrific backing band who were badly let down by their front man. He didn’t understand what he had to do. A Rolling Stones audience knows what they like … Continue reading

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A Chance Encounter

I met this old man in Dagnam Park in the London Borough of Havering in the winter of about 1973. He had an old push chair, for transporting his logs, a bow saw to separate them into reasonable sized chunks … Continue reading

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Tedious Rubbish

I don’t care to watch weddings More especially, Royal weddings I couldn’t care less, about her dress Who made or what’s on her head. Gushing commentators, fawning Pageantry, of the rich, leaves me sick Dreary precious precocious drivel Inflicted on … Continue reading

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Private Eye cartoon May 2018

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A scene from ‘Cheers’ [an American sitcom set in a pub]

Sam: What’ll you have Norm? Norm: Well, I’m in a gambling mood Sam. I’ll take a glass of whatever comes out of that tap. Sam: Looks like beer, Norm. Norm: Call me Mr Lucky. Chris

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