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Two Hailku

Blossom Blossom swaying in the wind Falling on the hair of young lovers Old men smile weak smiles Life This life full of care Tension, stressful mobiles, noise Quietly flows the river

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It was the unexpected indifference to My latest novel That taught me to think about Accolades piled high over the years Genius hollowed out by familiarity ‘Repetitious well trodden ground’ Later, in bed, alone as usual, I had The scrotum … Continue reading


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The London March

 The London march 26th of March we massed. A protest of peasants Cosmopolitan – political comrades Against Cameron and Clegg’s Acquiescence towards banker’s profligacy Disingenuous  fidelity and Toward we, proletariat. Again history forefends poor people suffer Lose out – … Continue reading

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