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The Preacher

I preach to the fishes Nothing changes And I preach to the birds Nothing changes And I preach in the churches Nothing changes And I preach to my mirror Everything changes (Chris)

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Be a Great Teacher

Shakespeare wrote ‘All the worlds a stage’* a thought that every teacher should embrace because: All teaching is acting. The teacher is also script writer, director, choreographer, stage- manager, producer, in- house psychologist/social worker and educator. Being a teacher is … Continue reading

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Time Struggle

The clock face hands, Windmill vanes Desert camel strapped in harness… To walk around the well. Each their journey Circular – at the appointed time With purpose Only known to man. The monotonous tick-tock Almost parodies the camel’s plod As … Continue reading

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Harold Hill history.

True stories to my granddaughter Kay. Hi Kay, as with most things, the most tenuous threads of fate pull together in forming both a personal as well as an interactive history of me with others and others with me.  So … Continue reading

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Biography of Private Nobody

Born painlessly Lived harmoniously Died pointlessly.

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A Love Story

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The Onslow Arms

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The Guilty German Generals of 1914

Imperial Germany was born in 1871. Germany was created by strutting militarism. Unlike most countries where wars are caused by failed diplomacy, poor calculation or vaulting ambition Germany caused the First World War because its government feared their generals. The … Continue reading

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