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The case for the legalisation of drugs: the marketplace has spoken

In the recent Global Survey on Drugs, cocaine users around the world reported, that their most recent cocaine order was delivered in less time, on average, than their most recent pizza order. Chris Advertisements

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Football Review: England vs Tunisia 18th June 2018

The bookmaker Paddy Power is offering odds of 250-1 on England winning the World Cup: 250-1 for new customers.1 The form-book is the FIFA world rankings: England at 12th with Tunisia lagging at 21st. Sure enough the form came through … Continue reading

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Small little boy

In scuffed shoes, baggy and unkempt Grey flannel trousers passed on as ‘hand me down’ A shirt and jumper, much the same, School jacket, too big to fit. The boy was considered, frail With weak eyesight and limited learning He … Continue reading

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A Statue meets the good fairy

Good fairy: “I’ll give you one wish.” Statue: “I’d like to stretch my legs, runabout, shout and scream.” Good fairy: “Your wish is my command.” And the statue immediately starts running around. Then he ran into the bushes and the … Continue reading

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Women of the French Resistance 1940-45

After France was crushed, resistance to the German conquerors came from two principal sources: Communists and the Gaullist Free French. French women were critical to the entire resistance movement as they exploited their femininity. Women moved messages and small arms … Continue reading

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America’s school shootings

“This year, going to school has involved more fatalities than serving in the US military.” Chris

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