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A Trade Unionist has a tough life

The CEO of a big company calls in the senior trade union negotiator to try to avert a strike. CEO: “Pleased you could come Fred. I’m sure that everything will be OK once we fully understand each other.” Fred: “We … Continue reading

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Repair and Maintenance in Tower Blocks

Practically no one gives any thought to the effort required to keep tower blocks fit for purpose. Once upon a time Councils undertook to repair almost any or everything. For example, Hackney Council in the 1960s controlled its DLO (Direct … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mark Billingham ~ Love Like Blood

Detective Inspector (DI) thriller novels follow a predictable path. Firstly there is a hideous murder, then a maverick brilliant dysfunctional DI wades in, followed by a denouement. So far so predictable. So why are they so popular? Apart from the … Continue reading

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How Long is a piece of String?

A question that started In Dar Es Salaam Has puzzled us all Since the world began. The question is asked And left dangling there… No answer is offered, It just isn’t fair. If an answer isn’t wanted. Well that’s just … Continue reading

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The first winter snows in Aberdeenshire


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A School Teacher Joke

I hate it when people just use big words to make themselves sound perspicacious. Richard M

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How the first Black Community was formed in London after 1772

The first British Empire included many slave-owning regions, which were ruled by British appointed Governors. The West Indies and America*, were the most important. Most slave-owners had direct connexions with Britain and there was a constant flow of returnees for … Continue reading

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The Scream

I screamed again and again It surfed the noise of the city No-one heard or cared Chris  

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Film Review ~ Call me by your name (Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet)

Call me by your name is an outstanding coming-of-age film of a gay adolescent. Elio (Timothee Chalamet) is a teenage high-flyer. Multi-lingual and with outstanding skills in music he has a hot-house life with exceptionally talented people. His American father … Continue reading

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How self-centred are you?

I came out of a shop with a meat and potato pie, a large chips and mushy peas. A poor homeless man said, “I’ve not eaten for two days.” I told him, “I wish I had your will power.” Ray … Continue reading

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