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J B S Haldane, scientist, organises his very own After Life

“He [Haldane] had left strict instructions about what was to be done with his body. ‘I hope that I have been of some use to my fellow creatures while alive,’ he once wrote, ‘and I see no reason why I … Continue reading

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In A New Young Lovers Dawn

A world past In weeks and years, They slipped by So ephemeral. How many thoughts What words were whispered? As the dance of life lingered fleeting Soft in the pillow case lace. Did I remember the love The tender smiles … Continue reading

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Dad’s slippers lay crumpled by his dresser Together matched, waiting in vain Idle these five days – past forgotten Soft chequered uppers, of faded silk-cotton. Just a week ago they shuffled slowly A few inches at a time Dad bent … Continue reading

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Goodbye Francis

The last words exchanged“Have a nice holiday Frances”.“I will Mike” her voice strongBelying her eighty something years. Accompanied by her sisterThe mini-cab tooting impatiently They were off to the airportThe adventure to be savoured. Memories of the old countryStill thinking … Continue reading


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The Maggie Thatcher Quartet

Thatcher: 1 So, off you popped then Milk snatcher, Union basher, Good job God forgives (Eric) Thatcher: 2 At last, elated Deserved- cremated May she suffer for her  past!!! (Mike) Thatcher: 3 Those who knew her best Brought her political … Continue reading

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