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Satire was murdered in Missouri

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A wonderful insight into the charm of the Queen

The queen was having a meal with David Nott a surgeon who’d just returned from Aleppo. She asked, as she always does, where he was from and he said he’d just returned from Aleppo. She asked him what it was … Continue reading

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Laptops, exercise books and textbooks

Exercise books and textbooks are obsolete. Both are quaint relics in an era of search engines such as Google. Teachers and schools may well feel that ditching exercise books and textbook is too revolutionary. There’s also the possibility that entrenched … Continue reading

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The partition of Poland- Autumn 1939


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Book Review: William Melvin Kelley ~ A Different Drummer (1962)

A Different Drummer is set in America’s deep south in the segregation era. The principal black character is Tucker Caliban working for the family that had, generations previously, owned slaves including Tucker’s great grand-father. The central white family stills owns … Continue reading

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The price of the Conservatives austerity programme, 2010-19

A 2017 study published by the British Medical Journal linked health and social care budget cuts to nearly 120,000 excess deaths in the UK since 2010. Last year, the Office for National Statistics revealed that life expectancy has stopped rising … Continue reading

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Politics over thirty six years

During my life as a hard line unionist I’ve considered myself to be on the left of main stream politics. In the late 1970s I was very tempted to join the Communist party but instead, in the summer of 1983, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dov Alfon ~ A long night in Paris (translated Daniella Zamir)

Dov Alfon is an Israeli who’s novel is autobiographical. He was an intelligence officer in an elite unit- 8200. A lot of the action is centred on this unit. The majority of the action is based in Paris. Away from … Continue reading

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An African Lumberjack

An African lumberjack is interviewing for a job at a major logging company. The foreman decides to take a practical route and hands the lumberjack an axe. “Take a couple swings at that tree over there,” the foreman said. The … Continue reading

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I enjoy proper music

Not the brash, brain numbing trash As depicted by, young, strutting peacocks Their brand of noise, I find irritating To the point where I try not to listen. Recently, whilst in a crowded pub People were all talking at once … Continue reading

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