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Two priests on holiday in Hawaii

Two priests went to Hawaii on vacation without worrying about stereotypes. When they landed they bought shorts, shirts, sandals, sunglasses, etc. so they’d fit in. An attractive holiday maker, dressed in a bikini, said ‘Good Morning, Father. Good Morning, Father,’ … Continue reading

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The Drug Culture

Ray H

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Barbara (anxious colleague): Do you think that you’ll by OK when you retire? Joan: Oh yes. I’ve been reading about life without work and it’s lovely. Barbara: What have you been reading? Joan: Jane Austen Chris

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Canada: a very civilised country

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The Good Fairy and an Ungracious Husband

A married couple in their 60s were visited by the good fairy who granted them a wish each. Wife: “I want to travel round the world with my darling husband.” And two tickets magically appear in her hand. Husband: “Sorry … Continue reading

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Privileged employment status

Senior manager: “I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to let one of you go.” Black employee: “I’m a protected minority.” Female employee: “I’m a woman.” Oldest employee: “Fire me, buster, and I’ll hit you with an age discrimination … Continue reading

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An inquisitive five year old

Russell: How old are you grandad? Grandad: I’m 83 years old. Russell: (After a long pause) Did you start at one? Chris

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