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Edgar Degas painting

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God and airline pilots

Question: What’s the difference between God and an airline pilot? Answer: God doesn’t think he’s a pilot. Chris

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John F Kennedy, Dallas, November 1963

All language is loaded with biases, which shape understanding. There are a five examples below illustrating this point. Kennedy went to Dallas in 1963 and died Entirely correct and uninformative: Kennedy died. The death of a president is intrinsically important … Continue reading

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Florida Woman Stops Alligator Attack with a Beretta Pistol

“While out walking along the edge of a pond just outside my house in the Villages with my estranged husband, we were attacked by a huge 12-ft alligator. It charged with jaws wide open. If I hadn’t had my Beretta … Continue reading

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Hedonists don’t worry

Worrying causes unhappiness. Doing something stupid, offensive, crass or whatever will probably fill you with regrets but it’s too late. Why worry? The damage has been done. What’s worse than this is people who worry about future events. Events which … Continue reading

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Johnson’s mirror on the wall


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Strategies for surviving the Qatar World Cup in 2022

To survive the summer heat, Qatar not only air-conditions its soccer stadiums, but also the outdoors — in markets, along sidewalks, even at outdoor malls so people can window shop with a cool breeze. “If you turn off air conditioners, … Continue reading

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A Holiday Scare

In 1980 my Mum had booked a holiday where we shared the cost of a rented house near Hastings. Dad drove Mum and Auntie Hilda (Mum’s sister) and I followed with Anne, our daughter Rita, my son Terry and Lucky … Continue reading

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Watching with Interest

Every week, it’s not hard to fill my day I watch the Parliament channel a lot The fascinating shenanigans of politicians How British politics, are degraded … An analysis of “the art of the possible” Seems to be a challenge, … Continue reading

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Frank Muir as a tactician

“Strategy is buying a bottle of fine wine when you take a lady out for dinner. Tactics is getting her to drink it.” Chris

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