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A Treasured Chest

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Gardening: a joke

“I was out in the garden with my step- ladder today, not my real ladder, I never got on with my real ladder”. (Chris)

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Making and Living

This hotel is not for me I’m dining out but I’m lonely There isn’t much in Newbury Come here yourself and then you’ll see. Actually don’t. Just take it from me I met a girl who dreams a lot Seems … Continue reading

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Committed Comrades

Through the early to mid 1980s Margaret Thatcher waged a vindictive and unrelenting war against the Labour movement in general and specifically the Metropolitan County Councils. Her nemesis was Ken Livingstone the ultimate “left” Leader of the G.L.C. at County Hall … Continue reading


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Democracy: The London Borough of Havering (2)

(Chris and Del)

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Jam Jars were worth a penny Glass Tizer bottles With metal spring stoppers, tuppence halfpenny Quart glass beer bottles threpence. All year round in forty nine These went down Theberton Street to the “rag and bone” shop The few coppers … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong: a joke

Now that Lance Armstrong has given up on drugs he’s going to compete in the Tour de France on a Kawasaki 750. (Chris)

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Democracy: London Borough of Havering 2014 (1)

(Chris and Del)

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A God for the twenty- first century

I’m God I’m not Yahweh, the Holy Ghost or Allah I’m your god. I’m not a jealous god, or a vengeful god I’m not omnipotent and, especially, I’m not omniscient. I’m not judgemental and I’m erratic and inconsistent I’m an … Continue reading

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How economists use the word ‘only’

“The poorest half of the population still owns nothing… the wealthiest 10% now own only two thirds of what there is to own rather than nine- tenths.” Thomas Piketty Capitalism in the Twenty- First Century

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