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This is real initiative

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The cost-of-living crisis in Mayfair

“A new Mayfair joint has opened with the proud announcement that its menu will include a dish costing £3000. Apparently, it involves a bucket load of caviar with a brooding sense of inadequacy on the side. I’m not naming the … Continue reading

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The Godfather’s Diplomatic Advice

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Book Reviews: Russian Themed Thrillers

When Martin Cruz Smith’s Gorky Park (1981), was published it was an instant hit. The subsequent series had everything. A Russian version of a maverick Detective Inspector who was brilliant and opposed by the forces of institutional corruption. And they … Continue reading

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A Spike Milligan quip

The best cure for sea sickness is to sit under a tree.

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The Execution of Charles the First: 30th January, 1649

The axe was raised, it struck and Charles was beheaded. Charles died after being found guilty of a crime, which didn’t exist until Oliver Cromwell and his followers created it. They then appointed themselves as judge and jury adding a … Continue reading

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Decisions! Decisions!

Jim: How much to have this tooth pulled? Dentist: £100 Jim: £100 for a few minutes work? Dentist: Well, I can work very slowly if you want.

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Film Review: Elvis (Austin Butler and Tom Hanks) (2022)

At 2 hours 40 this film had to be brilliant, otherwise it would have been a nasty self-indulgent mess. Director Baz Luhrmann is notorious for long films, which can be flabby. This isn’t one of them. 2 hours 40 wasn’t … Continue reading

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