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Book Review: Thomas Penn ~ The Brothers York: An English Tragedy (2019)

Thomas Penn’s day has come! Who’d have thought an academic work on the York brothers would be of the moment? Well he has Hilary Mantel to thank. She’s turbo-charged medieval history into a central position with her Thomas Cromwell trilogy. … Continue reading

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We’re rich because of our ancestors

“At least half of our wealth comes from the ideas and investments of those who are now dead.”

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George Neville: his archbishop of York’s feast 1465

There were 3,000 guests and the feast lasted a week:- “There was a frenzy of butchery. The carcasses disembowelled, plucked, prepared and dressed for the occasion included 1,000 sheep, 500 deer of various varieties, 400 swans, 2,000 each of pigs … Continue reading

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Medicine in the good old days

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British Sporting Hypocrisy: the Zola Budd Incident and Others

The Olympic motto ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger’ is meant to spur the athletes to embrace the Olympic spirit and perform to the best of their abilities. The Olympic Games ideal is athletes competing in a spirit of competitive endeavour. The Berlin … Continue reading

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Medieval Routes to Heaven

Medieval Christians accepted, as fact, Mankind’s inherent sinfulness. They also accepted, as fact, that Heaven existed. The aim of life was to enter Heaven and share eternal life with Jesus. Squaring this circle had a dramatic impact on their lifestyles. … Continue reading

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It wasn’t all glamour being a Roman Emperor

Of the 69 rulers of the unified Roman Empire, from Augustus (d. 14 CE) to Theodosius (d. 395 CE), 62% suffered violent death.

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