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The Dust of Life.

Like dust that gathers in the cracks between old house floor boards Each particle Languish, forgotten, ignored Seldom, acknowledged, never though, completely forgotten Those dust ghost’s, forlornly, waiting to be recognised. Years, even lifetimes, decades, ebb away Never to know … Continue reading

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Woodstock part 2


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William Tyndale Junior School toilets

Our junior school, behind the Islington Town Hall in Upper Street, was once called Sebbon Street School but was ‘rebranded’ as William Tyndale just before I went there. The school toilets were austere as were the 1950s teaching methods. Most of the teachers responded … Continue reading

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Two Brexit maps of the world

© Nigel Farage: MEP; Donald Trump’s acolyte; suffers from Cecil Rhodes Syndrome.   © Boris Johnson: Foreign Secretary; adulterer; suffers from Winston Churchill Syndrome Chris

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The Bottom Shelf

For more than half a lifetime Mostly ignored over the years Dads old sheet music Had been lost to my ears. There it languished, paper slowly rotting Forgotten, those lovely words and melodies Piano music, difficult for me I would … Continue reading

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The ‘Cat and Mouse’ Act 1913

The 1913 Prisoners (Temporary Discharge for Ill-Health) Act was an elegant way of nullifying the women prisoners who were using hunger strikes for publicity. The government was irritated by the suffragette movement (the lesser of two constitutional crises* they faced), … Continue reading

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The Core Philosophy of Brexiteers

Boris Johnson                                          Liam Fox                                                 David Davis Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life. (Cecil Rhodes: 19th Century Imperialist) Chris

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Who’d have thought it?


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A Moment of Simple Bliss

Like many young men in 1960 my Dad taught me how to drive in his old Standard 45 car. I was sixteen at the time and in those first few lessons I thought it very complicated. It was the first time … Continue reading

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Adam Smith on the Meaning of Wealth

It is in the last dregs of life, his body wasted with toil and diseases, his mind galled and ruffled by the memory of a thousand injuries and disappointments which he imagines he has met with from the injustice of … Continue reading

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