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A Different Accident

The old diesel lorry chugged down Evering Road Les Hepheard lazily swinging the huge steering wheel Summer scents from the trees and front garden flowers seemed to drown  under the stench our exhaust created. Both Les and my mate Joe … Continue reading

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Gambling and All That

Gamblers are not usually seen as positive role models. This judgmental approach lacks awareness of the virtues of gamblers. The purse lipped comment, “I’ve never been in a betting shop” tells us all we need to know about the narrow … Continue reading

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Alan Turing 1952- 54

Alan loved in a furtive, shaming sort of way Meeting wicked men in their club (a municipal toilet hidden deep in shadowy parks) Visible only to the prying eyes Of venomous acolytes of public decency Defending their threatened sexuality. Manchester … Continue reading

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More (grown up) memories.

Pat and I struggled on for a few more months, but it became clearer and clearer to me that Pat was leading a double life, (as in truth, I was). Pat showing me off as her husband to her family … Continue reading

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Letters from a lag.

Incarcerated, for years, a tough man – banged up lay in his peter, night after night. Regretting, the events that tore him apart from the kids Night after night at lock-down, brought on the silent sobbed tears. Sharp eyed screws … Continue reading

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BBC News 8th October 2013

During this news broadcast there was an important item about a change of economic forecast by the IMF. It was brilliantly done and might as well have been mumbo- jumbo. The assumptions they made were simply unsustainable. (1) Viewers knew … Continue reading

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The deceiver deceived

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My Clever Fridge

My fridge is a clever fridge And It can read bar codes And It can read ‘best before’ dates And It is an online fridge And It orders food that I love And It orders food that I should love. … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night At The Moon

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Seamus Heaney Died

I never met the man, except in my head, where his words caressed poetically, what he said. All I could do (or try) – was copy his style but never capture his well-trod mile.  The brown ‘Belfast sink’ in the … Continue reading

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