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An Equal Opportunities Odeboyz

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Old Times in Hoxton

Some years ago I was working as a plumber out of the small Stamford Hill depot (area 3) for Hackney Council. It wasn’t a cheery place to work as the Area Foreman was a self-centred egotist who had originally worked … Continue reading

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A Breakfast Time Conversation

(Two professors and their mute six year old son) Mute son Mother. This milk is too hot. Parents (in unison) Six long years! Why now? Son Until now everything has been satisfactory. (Chris)

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Passing over

Now a frail elderly man The new adventure calls Bereaved family will cry and weep None will know of his release. That pleasure, where, air is pure Parents, siblings await, his coming Loves he knew, in moments past Gather with … Continue reading

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British Military Interventions 2001-15

Beginning in 2001, the UK has been in continuous war and the current (2015) military commitment in Iraq and Syria is open-ended. The principal characteristics of the four major conflicts has been that they aren’t against countries. The 9/11 attacks … Continue reading

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A Genius Sighs

I sighed a melancholy sigh A Dostoyevskian sigh. A sigh from the bottom of my heart A sigh that said ‘Enough is enough.’ And I knew the end had come I am a genius, world-renowned An intellectual master of the … Continue reading

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Best Dedication in a book

“In memory of my late parents, Jacob and Esther Kaletsky, who experienced true calamities and crises- the Russian Revolution, the two world wars, the Holocaust, the purges of Stalin- but whose joyful and indomitable spirits lived on.” Anatole Kaletsky, Capitalism … Continue reading

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The cost of everything, no longer has value.

Whilst waiting at the bar, to be serve, two young men finally finished their food and drinks order. As the barmaid totalled up the cost on the electric till the lad standing next to me whipped out his mobile phone … Continue reading

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How Desegregation worked: Tchula, Mississippi

“We even had… a swimming pool We weren’t allowed to swim in it but it was there… When we had desegregation the whites filled it with cement to stop us using it.” Chris McGreal Tchula ‘We tell our kids, leave … Continue reading

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Softly I walked on this good earth.

As a child my insouciance was palpable I crawled everywhere for a while Then I learned to stand and walk Later, ran to school in the rain. As a young man, I worked for others Vicissitude ever changing my thoughts … Continue reading

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