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A Very Unusual Charity: Eton College

Eton College is the principal fee paying school in Britain. Surprisingly, it’s also a charity. As a result, those who attend Eton are subsidised by the taxpayer.  Charities in Britain have a number of finanacial advantages reflecting their charitable work: … Continue reading

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Raising Academic Standards: a statistical joke

Jim moved from Cambridge to Oxford and raised the academic standards of both universities. (Chris)

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I’ll try anything to be happy- Cartoons, romcoms, disco nights, Gambling, drinking, driving maniacally, Flirting at work, flirting with strangers. Church- going, volunteering Being pleasantly aloof and unthreatening, Buying clothes, shoes, presents, Looking sad, looking jolly, looking ill. What more … Continue reading

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The Hackney Saga

Bob Beavis, my senior carpenter, was a great asset to me in that within his apprenticeship he had been taught how to become more than just a carpenter but a skilled joiner he used to overcome any technical problems. For … Continue reading

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Town Hall Mouse

“Well I declare”, said the Mayor with a stare – “There’s a mouse, just a sitting right there on my chair”. The Deputy Mayor looked over and said, “My goodness you’re right and its made it his bed”. The Mace … Continue reading

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Marriage Guidance: Australian Style

Jim went to see a marriage guidance counsellor and said, “My wife won’t speak to me. I want a divorce.” “Well it sounds pretty good to me. I’d think again if I were you.” (Chris)

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Overseas Aid: Britain 1948

David Cameron’s coalition government set a target for overseas aid in 2010, which is the central motif of his government’s humanitarian policy. His plan is to budget 0.7% of GDP annually and maintain that in a growing economy. Consequently the … Continue reading

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