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University assassinated my personality And Taught me how to think Just The way they think, And Pass their exams and I’m an Expert In university thinking. My books taught me What My professors Didn’t They taught me To Swim without going In … Continue reading

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The Perfect Student……

……For Parents (Private Eye October 2016) ……For Professors (The professor) much preferred the students who showed up, asked if they would be graded on attendance and then sat like drugged houseplants for the remainder of the semester. Douglas Coupland The … Continue reading

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How wonderful were my early days

Mid 1940s to 1953 I lived at 59 Gibson Square in Islington. Each month the rent collector Mr Beetle (yes, really), would arrive on the doorstep to inspect the property and collect the rent. The rent not only Mum and Dad paid, … Continue reading

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Peg Solitaire

Such a childish puzzle Jumping pegs over the nearest neighbour Guessing, muddled wrong moves Whatever possessed Mum to persevere? Sheer determination I guess, Whilst we’re watching TV Mum had the Solitaire board on her lap. There was much frustration. After … Continue reading

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Jay Rayner Reviews Tapas 37

“Personally, I can’t help but fantasise about how much better a day it would have been for all involved, had the fire alarm been real…I wouldn’t wish a fire on anybody’s business. But at least if we’d been evacuated by … Continue reading

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The Double V Campaign: The struggle for racial equality in the US Armed Forces in the Second World War

The festering sore that was American segregation became a burning issue after Hitler’s declaration of war (11th December 1941). The world’s worse racist state declared war on a country which enshrined segregation. America’s non-white soldiers were officially second class citizens. … Continue reading

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My Romantic Parents

My mother wrote this on her 80th birthday. I find it both poignant and romantic and twenty-five years later it is still a powerful statement. Chris

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