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Odeboyz celebrates the end of austerity

  Chris and Mike

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What gambling really is

…world-class poker players taught me to understand what a bet really is: a decision about an uncertain future. Duke, Annie. Thinking in Bets (p. 3). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. Chris

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When injustice is self imposed

Who would have believed the Tories winning the election by a thumping majority after all that they did over the last ten years? Yes, I acknowledge that Corbyn didn’t turn out to be the Leader I expected when he took … Continue reading

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A dentist puts his patient at ease

“Open wider.” the dentist said as he began his examination. “It’s the biggest cavity I’ve ever seen…. It’s the biggest cavity I’ve ever seen.” “OK, OK! I’m scared enough without you repeating yourself.” “I didn’t! That was the echo.” Chris

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Life Lessons

When I was small, I didn’t think it strange at all To be told what to do and say And so, I was cocooned in my world Although poor, we were warm and well fed, each day. School was challenging, … Continue reading

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Book Review: John le Carre ~ Agent Running in the Field (2019)

Do octogenarians write as well as they did in their pomp? On the evidence of this book they don’t they write differently. This novel is almost a satire. La Carre rails against western ‘values’, which he traduces as a mass … Continue reading

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