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Housing in the mid 70s

Raised in Islington until in my early 20s, as young man in those days, I met a girl, a very pretty girl, and fell madly in love. How fickle she turned out to be? When she told me I was … Continue reading

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East European Drinking

Poland “….[he] is a steady drinker- a heavy drinker, but a steady drinker. He paces himself- he learned it from Polish drinkers, who begin slowly and continue slowly, but drink through the whole night. Visiting Poland taught him a great … Continue reading

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They sent me away – “To be safe” they said. My mother’s gone; maybe she’s dead. My dad’s a soldier fighting in the war. Perhaps  I’ll not see my brother any more. I am alone with a stranger who says … Continue reading

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The Price of Virtue: Bailing out Slave-owners 1833

Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833. Key to abolition was the willingness of the British government to compensate slave-owners for their property. The government budgeted £20 million, supervised by the Slavery Compensation Commission. This huge amount of … Continue reading

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Silence is like fresh snow Without the paw marks of the fox Silence waits for a perfect moment Miles Davis picking up his trumpet Or, Beethoven with a blank sheet of paper Silence offers itself to us Casting away despair, … Continue reading

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Credit Card Competition: British Style

Barclays             18.9%           Interest charged HSBC                 18.9%                     ditto Lloyds                18.9%                     ditto NatWest            18.9%                     ditto Santander         18.9%                     ditto (Correct 24th June 2015) British Inflation, June 2015 was 0% (Chris)

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Learning to negotiate

About fifty years ago, following my stint as the plumbers shop steward whilst working for Hackney Council. I was elected as the officers Convenor Steward under the auspices of the then huge union NALGO (National Association of Local Government Officers). To … Continue reading

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