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I decide to get out of bed and clean my teeth. It seems like a good idea but I know they won’t be really clean. I decide to go back to bed to think, or maybe not. It seems like … Continue reading

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Mathematics meets Religion

God can’t make 2 + 2 = 5 (Chris)

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Goodbye to PETRA

After seventeen years of developing and nurturing PETRA – our Tenant Management Organisation I set up all those years ago with Jan (my wife) and four others who jumped ship about seven years ago, I feel it is now time … Continue reading

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In a Dream

I remember the large building exploring furnished rooms, one by one. In the basement the door opened into a huge empty room At the far end an old cloth was draped over another hidden doorway. The cloth fell apart as … Continue reading

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Capital Punishment: British Style

              “And the executioner’s face is always well hidden.” (Bob Dylan A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall) (Chris)

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Should Assisted Suicide be offered to Criminals serving ‘Whole-Life’ Tariffs?

British judges can sentence heinous criminals to ‘whole-life’ tariffs. These sentences are used sparingly with only about 60 people serving such sentences currently*. Whole-life tariffs are a prolonged death sentence. Life expectancy is unaffected by prison life and so a … Continue reading

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Scholarly Warfare

“I can be very sympathetic with the author; until 2 years ago I was thinking along similar lines”. George Stigler (Chris)

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Narcissus: a wordless poem


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Mornington Crescent

“I’m sorry – I’ll read that again, or I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” the popular radio programme chaired for years, by Humphry Lyttleton, had been running for decades. I never did find out the rules to the panellists starting … Continue reading

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The Magnificent John Updike

True Love “Her tongue sneaks forward in thought, and rests on her lower lip. He loves her when she tries to think.” John Updike Rabbit is Rich  An American Heart  “What’s wrong with his heart, exactly?” Janice asked. “The usual … Continue reading

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