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Book Review: Iris Origo ~ War in Val d’Orcia: an Italian War Diary 1943-4

Iris Origo was a wealthy American who married an Italian aristocrat in 1923. They bought nearly 9000 acres in the Val d’Orcia and began a 20th century version of a feudal relationship with their 57 farms. When war came she … Continue reading

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Land of hope and glory

Once upon a time This title might have been true However, sublime the music This current Government Flies in the face of this paradigm. Food banks now feed the desperate Job security; a past closed door Vast fortunes, built by … Continue reading

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A courageous Italian Spy

Three French, English and Italian spies are captured. The Frenchman is tortured for two hours before he tells all of his secrets.  The Frenchman is thrown back into the cell and the English spy is next. He’s tortured him for … Continue reading

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The right to bear arms in the USA 1791-2017

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The second amendment 15th December 1791 Americans have a constitutional right to bear … Continue reading

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The Wehrmacht’s use of horses in the Polish and Soviet Union campaigns 1939-44

Blitzkreig attacks were a logistical impossibility on the eastern front, which meant the Polish experience couldn’t be repeated. Germany relied on the Soviet Union for oil supplies, which ceased with their invasion. The wehrmacht’s early successes were a ‘winner’s curse’ … Continue reading

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Film review ~ Molly’s Game (Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba)

Molly’s Game is a biopic of Molly Bloom, the ‘queen’ of gambling. Her life is tedious, which is a fatal flaw for a biopic. Aaron Sorkin the scriptwriter and director should have noticed this and added drama. His film could … Continue reading

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A pub for pensioners

Four retired saw a pub called “Old Timers Bar- all drinks 10p.” Obviously they thought it was a scam but having plenty of time on their hands they go in. The bar-tender, is about their age, and he calls out, … Continue reading

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