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Franz Kafka’s humanity

At 40, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who never married and had no children, walked through the park in Berlin when he met a girl who was crying because she had lost her favourite doll. She and Kafka searched for the doll … Continue reading

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Enough is enough

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Another visit to Fordwich

On holiday in 1951, we went to the beautiful garden of Kent I don’t remember the journey much, but I was so happy we went Through Blackheath, the hired car trundled the road The A2 quaint old scenery, the Oast … Continue reading

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Book Review: Helen Cresswell ~ Ordinary Jack: the Bagthorpe Saga

Ordinary Jack is aimed at the 9+ market. Yes it’s a children’s book. It’s full of guileless humour and strong characterisation. Ordinary Jack is a member of the Bagthorpe family all of whom are very high achieving talented and utterly … Continue reading

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My Bedroom In The Good Old Days

God knows how many times the old bedstead I slept in, as a child, was handed down. It was a  1940s double bed with a wooden headboard with slatted vertical boards and had three carved holes in the shape of hearts over … Continue reading

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Softly I walked on this good earth.

As a child my insouciance was palpable I crawled everywhere for a while Then I learned to stand and walk Later, ran to school in the rain. As a young man, I worked for others Vicissitude ever changing my thoughts … Continue reading

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A Dinner Party Conversation

Mummy: Don’t stare at Uncle Jim Jane. Jane: I don’t want to miss it Mummy. Mummy: Miss what Jane? Jane: I don’t want to miss seeing Uncle Jim drink like a fish. (Chris)

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I Know What I Know

Not metres, centimetres or millimetres What’s wrong with an inch, foot or yard As for centilitres – well, I know what’s a pint Time was a pound had twenty shillings With a thousand pounds you were rich You’d  struggle to … Continue reading

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They sent me away – “To be safe” they said. My mother’s gone; maybe she’s dead. My dad’s a soldier fighting in the war. Perhaps  I’ll not see my brother any more. I am alone with a stranger who says … Continue reading

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Gran’s great big iron mangle

Gran’s great big iron Mangle   Granny had a mangle It really was a beast Squishy boiled bloated clothes It’s very favourite feast   Monday’s saw the wash board down And scrubbed the clothes were sent From the huge great … Continue reading

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