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David Cameron and Equality

“What on earth are the Tories doing speaking about equality? It’s not their issue.” To this I say “nonsense”. We’re not just the party of the first Jewish prime minister and the first female prime minister;… David Cameron* David Cameron … Continue reading

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Philosophy meets religion

Because there are many religions is it the case that there must be at least one god? (Chris)

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Iraq 2003-15: a wordless poem


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Recently, well at the September AGM I carried out my last duty as the PETRA Chair, and after giving the committee my last ever monthly Chairs report – my 147th in the 13 years I held the position as Chair, … Continue reading

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A Supermarket Conversation

A woman in a supermarket is following a grandfather and his badly-behaved grandson. He has his hands full with the child screaming for sweets, biscuits, all sorts of things. The grandad is saying in a controlled voice: “Easy, William, we … Continue reading

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Bungling Boris

Ever ready to shoot from the lip From a man who can’t comb his hair “Bungle” looks a dopey drip So ignorant he would make a Saint swear. Rude to those who wear a corduroy jacket From a lad who … Continue reading

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The British Government’s response to the Jewish refugee crisis 1933-9

British governments are not moral beacons when dealing with refugee crises. The current (2015) British government’s toxic position on Syria closely resembles the Jewish refugee crisis of 1933-9. Nazi efforts to make Germany ‘Jew free’ accelerated throughout those years. Despite … Continue reading

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English Football Triumphs

“Aguiero and Mata restore English pride” (Guardian Sport, October 1). Must have been the inspirational half-time St Crispin’s Day speech by Peligrini and van Gaal.* *None of those named are English Letter by Mike Hine Guardian 2nd October 2015 (Chris)

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What is a car?

If you’re relaxed and intellectually playful then the question ‘What is a car?’ won’t set your teeth on edge. At first sight it looks puerile. After all, even very young children can identify a car successfully. So what is a … Continue reading

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A worn shabby old book

The small book, given to me by my Dad, soon after I started my apprenticeship in the plumbing trade was called “Tables & Memoranda for Plumber, Builders Sanitary & Electrical Engineers”, by J. Write Clarke. It languished for years in … Continue reading

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