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Legalise Drugs Now!

The Suicide Act, 1961, finally noticed the insanity of legislation that criminalised suicide. Prior to decriminalisation, people attempting suicide and failing were prosecuted. Ignoring panics associated with religion politicians began the greatest reforming era in British political life. Since then successive … Continue reading

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Laughing, cheering and running like mad The children are pursuing the man. And the paedophile runs. Without pausing for breath the children Are gaining on the man. And the paedophile runs. Watching him fall the children circle him, jeering Holding … Continue reading

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A Bad Weekend

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The End of the Great European Peace, 1914

The Great European Peace* began and ended with German military action. German Unification (1871) followed, as planned, from crushing victories; leading again, as planned by Bismarck, to peace. Forty- three years of European peace and an entire generation of German … Continue reading

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Old and in love

I’m so old, so very old, I’ve forgotten that I’m a man I’ve forgotten that I’m alive I’ve forgotten that once I had Simple, simple pleasures. Long ago. I’m so old, so very old I’ve forgotten how to eat I’ve … Continue reading

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Working in the 1970s

We nicknamed the huge treble extension ladder “Big Bertha” as it really was a beast with thirty rungs in each in each of its three sections, the bottom and middle section fitted with ropes and pulley wheels. In 1972 I … Continue reading

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Quelle Dommage.

Politicians seen To climb the greasy pole With a mixture of intentions, Quickly tempered with reasoned excuses. Lies, discovered years later Broken election promises Kicked into “the long grass” Conveniently forgotten. Some elected lazy Some turned greedy Few try to … Continue reading

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